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Paul Fuhs – Chief Operating Officer, Chief Marketing Officer and President of Regulatory

Paul Fuhs has been in senior management positions in private businesses and government agencies for the past 35 years. During the Vietnam war, he was a Military Intelligence Coordinator and North Vietnamese linguist. Upon return to Alaska he served as a consumer representative on the State Health Plan Task Force and the Southcentral Health Planning Commission. In the mid 70's and 80's Mr. Fuhs was CEO of Aleutian Explosives, a firm specializing in underwater demolitions and construction. In the mid 1980's he was elected the Mayor of Dutch Harbor Alaska, homeport of The Deadliest Catch.

From there Mr. Fuhs was recruited by Governor Wally Hickel to be Secretary of Commerce and International Trade for Alaska with a budget of $72 million annually and 440 employees. This included being Chairman of the State Bond Bank and the Chairman of the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority. Following his public service, Mr. Fuhs established his own consulting firm specializing in project financing, permitting, public relations and lobbying on statutory and regulatory issues. His clients include resource developers and health care providers including Alaska Open Imaging Center. The health regulatory issues included Medicaid and Medicare eligibility and compensation, Certificate of Need, provision of nuclear materials for PET, etc.

These past experiences in overall management and marketing give Mr. Fuhs the qualifications to be CEO of Compound Therapy.

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