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TBiRAFT is a web and wireless based outpatient rehabilitation scheduled therapy support system that connects patients, caregivers and providers with digital tools for communication, scheduling and monitoring of outpatient therapy performance. TBiRAFT conserves professional therapy resources, supports caregivers success and creates more independence for clients or patients by creating efficient therapy awareness and practices accountability for the whole team.

Calendar reminders and scheduled therapy delivery to the patient are quick and easy to specify.


Excersize therapies performance reminders are quickly set for 1 or more weeks.

Through TBiRAFT, a Therapist may prescribe a scheduled playlist of videos or other digital media to their patients or clients. Clients and caregivers access the prescription through scheduled digital reminders. Their access produces a report of the time spent and activities completed. This provides the assistance, transparency and accountability that makes TBiRAFT an effective ally for outpatient healing.


Categories in hierarchical lists for easy selection are shown above.

New Therapies can be created for a patient as shown above.

Exercises for a therapy can be uploaded or selected from existing library for a patient as shown above.

TBiRAFT includes a complete and diverse catalog of video and other digital displays of therapies that may be prescribed. Video and audio supports exercises being performed correctly by the patient/client. In addition new catalogs of exercises can be loaded for a patient.

Exercises are demonstrated using short videos or diagrams, as shown above.

Patients can leave exercise specific comments and are requested to rate exercises as they are completed; this feedback improves the quality of service for the patient.

The patient/provider feedback mechanism in TBiRAFT allows providers to monitor the patient's overall treatment plan, track out-of-office progress at a glance and supports clear communication at time of office visits, helping brain injured clients be successful. It informs the recovery process, documents change in condition, and maximizes cooperation between providers while maximizing patient success. Patient exercise activity generates a report, as shown below, that can be remotely viewed or downloaded into any type of spreadsheet or document of patient progress.

TBiRAFT provides enhanced patient recovery, increased independence for the disabled, supports caregivers, streamlines rehabilitation, and reduces the overall costs for treatment of TBI to self-pay and third party payers.

TBiRAFT aids individuals and families as they advocate for insurance coverage of long term TBI treatment by organizing logs and progress notes generated by the system that documents change in condition. This supports the administrative aspect of healthcare coverage and greatly reduces stress on the patient’s family, friends and support network.

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