Assisting TBI patients, caregivers, and families

Our Business

Company Profile
CompoundTherapy is a solution development company whose goal is to provide efficient economical technical tools for support of patients and their families while they are experiencing long term health issues. Our goal is to provide support tools and methods to enhance a patient's life quality and independence.
Products are refined into RAFTS. RAFT is Role, Audience, Format, Topic method of learning to read. RAFT also stands for Resource Area For Teaching. CompoundTherapy’s RAFT solutions are online product modules for supporting the recovery, independence and support communities for traumatic brain injured, diabetic, long term assisted living or other medical conditions that require constant reminding of what needs to be done each day.

Base in Anchorage, Alaska with offices in San Diego, California and Portland, Oregon.

Our Business Model
Bootstrap the company by creating better solutions and getting those solutions to the people who need them. We believe that if we can provide better solutions that save money for large groups who greatly need the solution, then we will be able to find reasonable profits for our products. We are bootstrapping so that our product development can afford to be driven by the needs of the patients and customers. Our products are not driven by marketing teams and venture capitalist who are only interested in maximizing profits. We bring a cost effective solution to the need and we will prosper.

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